About Us

Carnoustie Photo Group was formed in 2000, by an enthusiastic group of Angus photographers. Whilst other clubs were more focused on competitions, with winners (and therefore losers), Carnoustie Photo Group felt that there was a different approach to Photography and holds one common call:

“Creativity, not Competition”

Initially the focus was on prints, and darkroom techniques, but as the Digital Revolution gained pace, the Power of the Pixel won through. The group continues to promote an interest in all aspects of photography and welcomes members who enjoy photography at all experience levels, young and old, amateur and professional.

There is room for all.

From September to May the Club has fortnightly official meetings, with ‘inbetween’ nights on the other Thursdays. The meetings are a mix of Assignment Nights, Speakers, Technical Nights and Members Nights.

Assignment Nights

Members are given the theme in advance and we get a local artist, or photographer to come along, and we have open discussion and constructive criticism of the images shown…what the photographer saw and meant; what the guest thinks of the technicalities of the image; what the other members think of the quality and success of the image. The emphasis is definitely on constructive criticism, encouragement, and improvement.

Members Nights

Occasionally members will volunteer to share their images of a particular genre or project that they have been working on, deliver a practical activity, or arrange a trip out.  With members enjoying so many different areas of photography there is always something different to see and learn.

Technical Nights

Often held on the ‘inbetween nights’, group members with more expertise in a particular area will hold a practical session for other members to try something new or improve their skills.  These nights are often organised following requests by other members.


The group welcomes speakers from new and far to showcase their talents and inspire us all.  The use of Zoom has provided a greater choice of speakers and the group hopes to continue with the traditional and new approach.

Office Bearers
At our AGM held in April 2023 the following were elected:

President                    Margaret Cook
Vice President            Graeme Cook
Secretary                    Ron Cairnie
Treasurer                   Pauline Fisher