Carnoustie Photo Group was formed in 2000, by an enthusiastic group of Angus photographers with one common call:

Creativity, not Competition

Other clubs were more settled into competitions, with winners (and therefore losers), but Carnoustie Photo Group felt that there was a better approach to Photography.

Initially the focus was on prints, and darkroom techniques, but as the Digital Revolution gained pace, the Power of the Pixel won through. Now the Club has a healthy mix of digital shows, prints, black & white work, and musically accompanied PowerPoints.

There is room for all.

From September to May the Club has fortnightly official meetings, every second Thursday (but on Wednesday on the last week of the month), at the Royal British Legion club, 88 Dundee street, Carnoustie. The room is open from 7.30pm with an aim to start at 7.45pm. These meetings are a mix of Presentations, Assignment Nights, Speakers, and Members Nights….where the members take turns to either show their own images,  invite a guest speaker, or arrange a night out. The Club is based on everyone doing their fair share, and so no-one has it all to do, very much a Collective effort. The unofficial nights take place on the ‘inbetween’ Thursdays, and are the chance for workshops, smaller sub-groups, more targeted learning, and anything else that comes up.

At the Assignment nights the members have been given the title of that nights theme well in advance, and we get a local artist, or photographer to come along, and we have open discussion and constructive criticism of the images shown…what the photographer saw, and meant; what the guest thinks of the technicalities of the image; what the other members think of the quality and success of the image. The emphasis is definitely on constructive criticism, encouragement, and improvement.

There is a broad range of abilities, tastes, and styles within the membership and new members are most welcome, whatever their level.

The Club has a rolling Exhibition in the Carnoustie Health Centre, an annual Exhibition in Carnoustie Library which travels to Arbroath Library; and is an active participant in the Carnoustie Gala, where Doug’s tablet and dumpling are famous.

New members are always welcome, come along and meet us, get in touch via email carnoustiephotogroup@gmail.com or find us on facebook.

Club Language

Subbie (Sub-bie) noun. Informal. Slang

Sub group. Small gathering of likeminded individuals interested in furthering their skill and knowledge of a specific area of photography. Subbies are free to migrate where their interest takes them.

Buddy (bud-die) noun. Informal. Slang

Buddy Group. Small group of photographers, usually 6, who work together under the influence of a more experienced “Buddy” to improve their individual skill and knowledge of photography in general

Inbetweenie ( In-bet-wee-nie) noun. Informal. Slang

Inbetween night. An Informal gathering of photographers to partake in photographic activities not pre determined by their syllabus.

Groupie ( Group-ie) noun. Informal. Slang.

Group Member. An individual who subscribes to the Carnoustie Photo Group.

Assignment Nights

Members to hand in a selection of electronic images at least one week in advance of the Assignment night, that meets the topic for that night. The images will be shown as part of a slide show, and everyone will get the same amount of time to show their selection of images.

Assessment Nights

Members to bring in a print on the night, on any theme, for open discussion with that evenings external assessor.

Photography Group in Carnoustie